When you go into hospital


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Patients are now able to choose which hospital they are seen in as long as the hospital is offering a suitable treatment.
This service is called “Choose and Book” and is used to arrange your first hospital appointment.
When you and your Doctor agree you need a hospital appointment, choose and book will show which hospitals or clinic are available for your treatment.
It may even be possible to book your appointment before you leave the surgery.

Hospital waiting times have reduced in recent years. This is because hospitals now have targets and patients have to be seen within a certain timescale.

If you know you have a holiday booked or a significant event coming up it is important to let your Doctor know before a referral is made to avoid having to cancel at a later date.

Going into hospital

When you go into hospital, it may be for a planned treatment or as an emergency.

If you know in advance when you will be going into hospital, it is a good idea to plan ahead, perhaps with the help of a relative, friend or carer. You may need to think about things such as the care of a pet or pension collection, as well as getting all the things together that you will need to take with you to hospital.

It is advisable to inform your own GP when you are going into hospital. Also let your neighbour know you will be away from home. If you get social care support at home or you are in a residential home, you need to let the care provider know as soon as possible when you are going into hospital and how long you think your stay will be.

What to bring into hospital

VMC All the medications or a list that you have been taking;

VMC Nightwear/ Dressing gown;

VMC Toiletries, toothbrush toothpaste and soap, sponge/flannel etc;

VMC A small packet of tissues and hand wipes;

VMC Books magazines and crosswords (there can be a lot of waiting in hospitals!);

VMC Your glasses/contact lenses;

VMC Any specialist equipment e.g. hearing aids, walking stick


Not advisable

It is not advisable to take large sums of money or precious jewellery as hospitals will not take responsibility for the loss of these items.

Emergency stay in hospital

If your hospital stay is an emergency let one of the nurses know as soon as you can so they can contact someone to help with your concerns or worries.