Travel Clinic


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Aims of the Travel Clinic

VMC Promote good health for travellers whilst abroad and advise on the potential risks to safety
VMC Provide up to date and relevant advice in all areas of travel risk
VMC Carry out a risk assessment in relation to area of travel and expected activities
VMC Establish individual requirements and complete any vaccination schedules required

Period of Notice

A Period of at least three weeks notice is needed to administer vaccines before travel. If this is not possible you will be referred to the Occupational Health Travel Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital. You will also have to contact them if travelling to a country that requires Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and rabies vaccinations for advice and administration.

What do I need to Do?

  1. Complete a travel vaccination form.
  2. The nurse will check to see which vaccines and antimalarials are recommended for travel destination. She will then check computerised and written notes to ascertain your immunisation status in relation to the recommendations. The nurse will contact you direct.
  3. Nurse will plan with you a vaccine schedule and issue prescriptions for any vaccines that are required. These will be kept at the surgery for routine signing by a GP. You will be asked which chemist you would like to collect the vaccines from and the prescription will be sent there. 

Please be aware that even though you may have received all the appropriate medications and followed advice given, you may still become unwell. We suggest that you seek early medical advice if you get a fever, have a gastric problem or feel unwell in the weeks or months following your trip.


Try eConsult through which you can obtain advice on what vaccines you need for your overseas travel