Practice Charter

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All staff at the Practice are committed to achieving and maintaining a quality health service and by continually reviewing our procedures we hope to improve our standards.

It is our aim to offer you the best possible service and we believe this can be achieved by working together.

 Our Commitment to you – We aim to

VMC Treat you with courtesy and respect regardless of race, nationality, religion, age or disability.
VMC See you within thirty minutes of your booked appointment unless the Doctor has been called to an emergency.
VMC Treat you as a partner in the care and attention you receive.
VMC Advise you fully on the service provided.
VMC Promote a healthy lifestyle for avoiding illness and recommend self-help for minor ailments.
VMC Provide support and information to the housebound and their carers.
VMC Continue to improve and develop services, we welcome comments and suggestions.
VMC Remain approachable and accessible according to statutory Terms of Service.
VMC Comply with relevant national standards and regulations.
VMC Maintain confidentiality and security within the practice team.


Practice Standards – You can expect


VMC Have priority given to urgent requests the same day when this may cause delays to others.
VMC Be offered appropriate health checks.
VMC Collect repeat prescriptions two working days from the time of the request.
VMC Receive a response to any suggestion for improvement after due consideration by the appropriate staff.
VMC Have a prompt resolution of any difficulties experienced with the service provided in accordance with the Practice complaints procedure.  Copy obtained upon request from the Practice Manager.


Practice Standards – Violent/Abusive Patients


This Practice follows the NHS Zero Tolerance policy with regard to violent and abusive patients. The following is unacceptable behaviour by patients:


VMC Excessive noise which is obtrusive to others in the vicinity.
VMC Use of mobile telephones in the surgery waiting room.
VMC Use of threatening, abusive, and/or obscene language.
VMC Offensive remarks of racial, sexual or a personally derogatory nature.
VMC Damage to property.
VMC Threatening, aggressive gestures and/or actions.
VMC Inappropriate behaviour involving alcohol or substance misuse.
VMC Theft or spitting.


Violent behaviour is never tolerated and will result in police prosecution of the aggressor and the immediate removal of the patient concerned from the practice list.