Friends and Family Test 2016 -2018

1st Quarter results 01/06/2017

The surgery received 3 feed back forms from patients all stated that they were extremely happy with the surgery. Stating that the doctors were excellent, courteous staff, proficient medical team and an effective practice.  


FRIENDS AND FAMILY TEST YEAR END 2016 -17 April 2016 - March 2017

The Medical Centre received ten responses during period September to March

8 responses would be extremely likely to recommend the surgery

2 responses would be extremely unlikely to recommend the surgery - this was due to an unfriendly nurse when taking blood, and a GP who was reading what was on the computer rather than making eye contact this was due to the fact all patient notes are kept on computer.  



The medical centre has had no response during the month.


The response was 13 Extremely Likely, 4 Likely

Gender of the patients that took part were 8 male, 9 female.

Age groups 45 - 54 3 patients, 55  64 3 patients 64 - 74 4 patients 75 - 84 7 patients.

Ethnicity all patients were British.

Patient comments: Getting an appointment can sometimes be trying, more appointments available - surgery reply: Routine appointments - surgery reply: routine appointments are available four weeks in advance, 48 hours appointments are available, on the day appointments are also available. The surgery holds emergency on the day appointments after morning surgery and prior to agternoon surgery.  The Practice also offers a GP telephone consultation ring back service after morning surgery.


February feed back from Friends and Family Test

9 patients responded Extremely likely to recomend the practice to family and friends.

3 patients responded Likely to recomend the practice to family and friends.

1 Patient responded did not know if they would recomend.

March response to Family and Friends


14 patients said they would recomend to family and friends.

5 patients would be likley to recomend to family and friends

2 would be unlikley to recomend

Patients comments were: Always treated with respect, staff very helpful and understanding so were the Dr's the nursing team were helpful.

Unlikley comments read:Wasted visit, unhelpful, mixed communication with pharmacy and surgery regarding prescriptions - reply some times prescriptions take a while to reach the pharmacy due to IT problms with EPS conections but the practice always tries to help.

Likley comments were: Always satisified.

April number of responses 10 with 1 response extremely unlikely other comments were always had a caring doctor since I first came to the practice in 1973 reception staff polite and helpful

June responses 8 extremely likely no other responses.

Female 2 Male 3   3 don't knows

Age 0 - 15 = 1 16 - 24 = 1 55 - 64 = 1 75 - 84 = 2 with 3 don't knows.

5 White British

3 Don't knows


3 Response extremely likley with the comment: Procedures available here that you may have to go to the hospital for very convenient.


There were no questionaires completed during September

October Results

There were no questionairs completed during October

November results

Two replys one stated that they would Extremely likely the other Likely

March results we received 3 replys 2 extremely likely and 1 don't know

Also comment asking for somthing to keep children busy while waiting to see a GP due to infection control we are unable to keep toys but parents can bring small toys into the surgery with them or ask our receptionist for a colouring book or word search.

 30th September 2017 Results

4 Patients were  Extremely Likely to recommend the surgery to family and friends 

4 Patients responded through the Handwritten collection method for the month

Gender of patients who took part, 2 females and 2 males

Age group of patients who took part, 3 aged between 75 - 84,  1  aged 68


Patient comments were - Prompt appointments and superb service from all grades of staff. Excellent service , Appointments easily obtained, a thoroughly good service. Very good practice. Fantastic service