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As a practice we feel it is important that all our patients are fully informed of what happens to personal information that is stored on our computer system and that you are aware of the practice's confidentiality policy.

All staff and visitors to this practice abide by our code of confidentiality and we operate a strict code of information security.

When you register with the practice we ask you for information about yourself so you receive the appropriate care and treatment. This information is kept together with your medical history.

Instances where the practice may pass information to third party without your prior consent, and the conditions that we must comply with before any information is released.

VMC Statutory requirements sometimes require the practice to pass on information in the case of death or birth.
VMC The NHS Central Register for England and Wales contains basic personal information of which general practice you are registered with but it does not hold any clinical information.
VMC At times it may be necessary to refer to patient notes when dealing with claims. Information will not be divulged without patient’s written permission.
VMC If the practice is asked to prepare statistics for improvement of our service. At all times we ensure patients cannot be identified.
VMC The practice operates a third party disclosure form which has to be signed by both parties if you wish personal information about your treatment to be shared with a family member.
VMC The NHS also operates a code of confidentiality and security as it may be necessary to share some information about you with them so that we can work together for your benefit.