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Clinics and Services

Clinics for Chronic Disease Management

VMC Asthma  
VMC Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
VMC Coronary Heart Disease

VMC Diabetes
VMC Hypertension

Clinics are held for those falling into the above categories and patients will be kept under review to monitor their condition.

Services Offered

Contraception. We are able to provide a full range of contraception advice and methods. Emergency contraception is available.  This includes subdermal implants.

Phlebotomy (blood tests). We offer this service at the practice giving patients the choice to either come to the Medical Centre rather than travel to St Mary’s Hospital in Newport.

Warfarin Clinics. Warfarin clinics are held twice a week and administered by our trained healthcare assistant and a lead Doctor.

Blood Pressure. To monitor patients with blood pressure problems on a regular basis.

Physiotherapy. We have a visiting physiotherapist one day a week at the surgery. Patients may be referred when the Doctor considers it appropriate.

Counselling. The Isle of Wight Primary Care Mental Health Team has a practitioner based at the GP practice. They can offer an assessment, either in the surgery or at the base in Newport, for the following common mental health problems

logoLow self esteem
logoDifficulties in assertion
logoHealth worries
logoTrauma and post traumatic stress.

From the assessment you will be able to work with the practitioner to decide the intervention that will best suit you. These will range from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), attendance at workshops or groups, guided self help, telephone or computerised work to signposting to more appropriate community based services. Patients may benefit from only 1 or 2 sessions up to a maximum of 20 with a fully qualified CBT Therapist or Counsellor.  The service can be accessed if your GP feels it will be of benefit to you. You will be given a leaflet with contact details on for you to ring to make an appointment.

Cervical Smear. All women should have a cervical smear. The practice will send a reminder when your smear is due.

Immunisations. Immunisations can prevent several illnesses. You will be sent reminders of when baby or child is due a vaccination.

Minor Surgery. We can provide a variety of minor surgery.

Private Medical Report and Certificates. The practice offers a wide range of non – NHS services including medical for life insurance purposes, HGV, PSV. We also produce a wide range of reports and insurance claims, driving licence applications. Since these are not covered under the NHS they attract a fee.

Flu Vaccinations. We offer seasonal flu vaccinations for patients in high risk categories, and any patient over 65 years young. Details of the high risk groups can be obtained from the surgery.